Why use Takedown Piracy

Why should you use Takedown Piracy?

Quick Setup

We offer same day service in most cases.  There’s a little bit of information that we’ll need from you and a few administrative things that need to be done and in most cases that can all be completed the same day.  We can add your data to our system rather quickly and be sending DMCAs for you that same day.


We charge a rate well below what most other services do.  Our goal isn’t to enrich ourselves at your expense but to offer businesses of all budgets an affordable means to protect their content.  Whether you are a large content owner or a small independent creator, we won’t break your budget and you get an incredible return on your investment.

Honest Results

The explosion of piracy has also given rise to a multitude of anti-piracy services, many of which are not legitimate or honest.  They will try to impress you with big numbers that they pull out of thin air.  They will tell you they are working hard for you, but give you no proof or means to keep them honest.  Our service is different.  We give you the tools to see exactly what we are doing for you.  We show you all the notices sent on your behalf.  You can rest assured knowing that the statistics we report are honest, legitimate and can be verified by you.

On-Demand Service

We are available 16 hours a day for service.  If you find something of yours, you can email us and we’ll take care of it right away.  We realize that we can’t be everywhere all the time, so when a client/customer/fan finds your content somewhere, feel free to send that to us and we’ll take prompt action.  This is another aspect that really sets us apart from our competitors.

Widespread Coverage

We don’t just watch out for one kind of piracy, in fact we actively track at least nine different ways that your content can be pirated.  We monitor:

  • Cyberlocker sites like Rapidshare
  • Torrent sites
  • Tube sites
  • Auction or unauthorized DVDr resellers
  • Search Engines
  • Image Hosts
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Social Media (Twitter, etc.)


Many of our clients like to use litigation as a last resort, but sometimes you just have to bring the lawyers into this.  So for that reason, we offer the option of getting screenshot evidence of copyright infringement. We also keep copies of every notice we have sent on your behalf should you need to present that as evidence.

Statistical Breakdown of Your Results

Every month we send you a detailed report that shows the number of infringements we have removed on your behalf as well as what types of infringements those are.  You will be able to see what percentage of your infringements were torrent sites, tube sites, etc.  We also can provide for you a list of every URL we have removed on your behalf.

Experience and Integrity

The owner and operator of Takedown Piracy has spent his entire career establishing himself as an honest and ethical person.  You can’t put a price on trust, and with Takedown Piracy you can trust that we are doing what we feel is in your best interest 100% of the time.  We have earned our reputation as an honest company and feel confident that you’ll walk away feeling completely confident in the trustworthiness of our relationship.


You need no further proof of our commitment to solving the piracy issue than the fact that we go out of our way to work together with services that compete with our own.  We realize we aren’t the only option out there, and we feel that copyright owners would be better served to have multiple companies working on their piracy problem.  For that reason we work closely with other organizations, sharing information, developing strategies and helping to educate copyright owners on their options.  If you don’t feel that Takedown Piracy is right for you, we’ll even refer you to companies that we think might be a better fit for you.

Simple and Easy

We try to keep things as simple and easy as we can.  We keep the startup process simple so we can get started on your problem right away.  We utilize cost-effective measures in-house so we don’t have to charge you an exorbitant amount.  And even the payment process is easy.  We don’t require any contracts or time commitments so you can opt out at any time.  We keep the process easy on you, so we can keep our costs down, and so you can feel you got a great return on your investment.

More questions?  Use our Contact page to get in touch with us.

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