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Takedown Piracy offers you the ability to report instances of copyright infringement to us, so that we may take action on the infringers and see that the content is removed. Whether you are the copyright owner, performed in the content, were a member of the crew, or just a devoted fan – you too can help us takedown instances of copyright infringement. This will help us ensure that the creators of original content will have the incentive to continue to produce intellectual properties that we all enjoy and should be supporting.

In order to make this process work efficiently, we need to make sure you report to us accurate and complete information so we can get the copyright infringement removed as quickly as possible:

1. Please be certain that what you are reporting is actual copyright infringement and not something being done with the permission of the copyright holder. Read about Fair Use and make sure what you’re reporting isn’t a legal use.

2. You must report to us the EXACT & FULL URL(link) to the copyright infringement.  Example:
“There’s a video of mine on YouTube”
is not acceptable.

“Copyright Owner: XYZ Inc.
Link: acceptable.

3. In the event Takedown Piracy has questions/concerns about items in your report, we will attempt to contact you via email to clear up any questions. For this reason we require that you use a valid e-mail address.

4. Please make your report clean and easy to process. Be sure to separate listings if you are reporting works for multiple copyright holders. If we can’t make sense of your report, it will either get discarded or the process will take longer.

5. Click the Twitter button at the bottom of this page once you have submitted your piracy report to us. This will broadcast to your Twitter followers that you’ve reported piracy to us. Our hope is that your fans and followers will see this, and take it upon themselves to report copyright infringements too. With a dedicated army of reporters, we can outnumber the copyright abusers and make a huge difference in the fight against piracy.

Curious what happens after you use our Report Piracy feature?  Here’s a brief explanation.

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Report Piracy Here: (be sure to list the studio/copyright holder first then each link for that studio/copyright holder, be sure to separate studio/copyright holders to make the process as efficient as possible)

I declare under penalty of perjury:
I have a good-faith belief that use of the material in the manner
complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent or the
law. The information in the notification is accurate.

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