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You won’t believe the email a pirate sent me today.

Nate, What’s wrong with you?
Why are you so aggressive ?
Who gave you the job? Not your client, It us, Nate.What will you be without us?

This is a guy who owns a piracy site whom was giving me the runaround on removing content I had reported to him, which forced me to escalate the matter to his hosting provider.

Do you see the incredible irony here?  Here we have a guy who operates a piracy site, a site that totally subsists off of using the content created by others, and he’s telling me that somehow I should be grateful to him for creating my job?  This is irony on the ‘head-exploding’ level.  Apparently this guy thinks that before he came along, I was just shambling through the streets with no job and now that he’s figured out how to steal from others, I should thank him for giving me something to do.

Try that the next time you get arrested.  “Well yeah officer I know I murdered her but if it weren’t for murderers and rapists, where would you be?  Unemployed…so how about a thank you?”

No dude, you didn’t give me this job.  You don’t get a cookie for being a lowlife thief.  You aren’t a job creator, you are a parasite that only exists because my clients would rather remove content than to take you to court.

Apparently the concept of Irony is not one that pirates are familiar with.