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Pornbb.org SOLD to Oron.com linked group

The huge porn piracy site Pornbb.org appears to have been sold allegedly to a group affiliated, or possibly even the owners of, Oron.com.  This happened before when an Oron affiliated ownership took over forumophilia and turned it into an Oron haven.  Now the same looks to be happening on Pornbb:


Pornbb has sent out word that as of March 1st, only 5 cyberlockers will be allowed, one of which was Oron.com, a service that no one seems to enjoy except for the owners of the site.  Looks like these freeloaders are getting a lesson in capitalism.  For the longest time they’ve believed that the owners providing these sites were some sort of pseudo Socialist, everything-should-be-free idealistic true believers.  What they’re coming to find out is that they’ve been duped by pure capitalists who exploit their self-entitlement fueled delusions of a Utopia where they get everything for free.

Combined with the Hotfile.com purge and fileserve and filesonic getting kicked to the curb at PornBB there’s a lot of uploaders who will be missing out on some cash payouts.  My advice…listen to Dalton:  “There’s always barber college.”

I'll rip your throat out too