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Updates from Takedown Piracy

Lots of exciting things going on at TDP!

  • We are approaching our 8 millionth copyright infringement removed.  I remember when the naysayers and doubters said we couldn’t make a difference.  I’m sure the for-profit pirates would love if their 3 million cyberlocker links were still up, but thanks to TDP – they aren’t.  The black hat SEO pirates would love it if the 2.3 million search engine results were still up, but thanks to TDP – they aren’t.  The for-profit pirates would love it if we hadn’t killed their Paypal accounts, but thanks to TDP – their ability to make money off piracy has been seriously cut off.  There is nothing nearly as satisfying as proving the naysayers wrong.  And when it comes to copyright infringement, there are 1000s and 1000s of enablers, copyright abolitionists and freeloaders who can’t wait to try and discourage anyone from ruining their free ride.  Don’t ever let the naysayers get you down, everyone who ever accomplished anything significant had naysayers telling them it couldn’t be done.  – http://takedownpiracy.com/stats/
  • According to Google’s Transparency Report, TDP is #1 for the past month in reporting copyright infringements.  Can a small business compete with giant companies like Microsoft and NBC Universal?  TDP is proof that you can.  And the best part, is we can do it for a fraction of the cost.  Anti-piracy should never cost you more than you’re losing to piracy.  This is a core value of our company.  http://www.google.com/transparencyreport/removals/copyright/
  • Lots of upcoming news regarding TDP founder Nate Glass speaking at the upcoming CatalystCon as well as some cool interviews we’ve done in the past few days.

Big shout-outs to the excellent work being done by Robert King.  Check out his work at http://www.stopfilelockers.com/

As a man-on-a-mission, Mr. King has nearly single-handedly devastated the ability for piracy havens to process money through their services.  To all the naysayers claiming one person can’t make a difference, I submit Robert King.  Now of course the naysayers will never stop being naysayers, they’ll just keep moving the goal posts back until they’ve set the goal as unrealistic as possible.  This makes them feel vindicated when people don’t meet their insane requirements.  The key is to not take your eyes off the prize.  The naysayers and freeloaders love to try and set your goals for you, you simply must ignore them and work towards your own goals.

The engine of accomplishment runs on the fuel of naysayers.

You can quote me on that.