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TakedownPiracy founder profiled on PVVOnline

Recently, Takedown Piracy founder Nate Glass sat down with Dr. Chauntelle of PVVOnline.com for a brief (just kidding) interview that details how Glass got started with  the adult industry, how that got him into anti-piracy and how piracy is affecting the industry.  To read Glass’ story and listen to the interview…mosey on over to Dr. Chauntelle’s website:


The site is really unique in that it features the stories of not only performers in adult, but also those people who work behind the scenes of an industry that’s often misunderstood and misrepresented by the mainstream media.

The interview runs just over 70 minutes and is really good, though we may be a little biased since it’s about us and Dr. Chauntelle is a graduate of UT in Austin, TX.  Hook ’em horns!

Nate featured on GramPonante.com

If you don’t read GramPonante.com you’re really missing out on some great writing.  In our industry, we get a lot of hack writers and wannabe journalists but every once in a great while, we’re blessed with a true talent like Gram.

I recently sat down with Gram for a brief (4 hour or so!) interview which he deftly summed up in a great article about yours truly.  Check it out: