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Stats updated – 7.25 million infringements removed

We just updated new stats.  Check them out here:


This month we not only surpassed the 7 million infringement mark, but actually hit 7.25 million.  We’re gaining even more momentum.  The more naysayers we encounter the more motivated we become.

We’re also close to becoming the #5 reporting agency for the year according to Google.  We are currently #4 for the past month.


This past month we removed our one millionth torrent from piracy sites.  We looked into our torrent data and have cataloged over 150,000 different info hashes.  With this data, we plan on adding hash-specific search and removal, not only from Google but also from the sites themselves.

Interestingly enough, it was an email we received from a self-described pirate that encouraged us to utilize our hash data more.  It’s always a challenge to keep improving our systems.  We appreciate constructive criticism from all sides.

We’ve disabled comments on posts.  While I wholeheartedly welcome debate, it was clear to me that ‘debate’ was not what we were getting.  Hit & Run attacks from commenters who would leave one comment and never follow up, accusations of deleted comments when in actuality we approved all comments, cheap shot insults and basically both sides just yelling at brick walls – it was clear that nothing positive was coming from the comments or my attempts to address them.  I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this stance but it’s final.  If you want to criticize me, you can do it on your own blog, you’re absolutely free to do just that.

Big things are in the works for Takedown Piracy.  Stay tuned for more updates.