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Hotfile found liable for staggering amount of copyright infringement

When 89% of your top uploaders are repeat infringers – you might be liable for copyright infringement.

Crime Scene
Crime Scene by Alan Cleaver On Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/photos/alancleaver/


I could write about the recent Hotfile decision, or you can just read the great article over at Copyhype.  In fact, you should just read the article over at Copyhype.

Bloodbath at Hotfile.com

Perfect example of a multi-pronged anti-piracy approach.  Current litigation puts Hotfile into a position of cancelling accounts.  Then, removal notices force the expulsion of 1000s of accounts and untold petabytes of infringing files.  I’m glad I was focused on a hotfile aggregator this weekend.  Takedown Piracy DMCA’d at least 10k hotfile links this past weekend alone.