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Update on Filesonic and Wupload being so similar

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the similarities between Filesonic and Wupload:


Turns out, according to what I’ve been told…the “front man” for Wupload is the cousin of the guy running Filesonic.  How convenient?

Recently Filesonic announced that they were partnering with Vobile to do digital fingerprinting to ID copyrighted material being distributed on their network.  Now unless I’m missing something, this will not be possible with password encrypted rar/zip files and I don’t see how they would do it with even unpassworded  (?) rar/zip files since they would have to combine all the files themselves.

So this seems on the surface to be pretty meaningless.  The only thing Filesonic could do would be to restrict all rar/zip files, which would pretty much ensure that the copyright infringing uploaders that Filesonic’s business is based upon would flee to another service.

If only the people behind Filesonic had another cyberlocker service that they could put all their efforts into….hmmmmm….maybe they should call their “cousin”.  :O)

Wupload & Filesonic – Same company or just copycats?

When you send DMCA notices to file storage sites Filesonic and Wupload you get an eerily similar response both in time and look:

We have deleted the files you requested,

Wupload Abuse team

We have deleted the files you requested,

Filesonic Abuse team

These notices usually come in around the same times as well. Wupload is a rather new player on the cyberlocker scene, while Filesonic, which used to be SharingMatrix, is the preferred host for criminal commerical copyright infringers but Wupload has made a huge push recently.

So are they one and the same, or is Wupload just copying Filesonic’s look and feel? Hmmmmmmmm 😉