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Another one bites the dust

A few years ago there were 2 really big adult torrent sites.  Empornium and PureTNA.  Once DMCA companies such as mine and others started hammering these sites with DMCAs, combined with lawyers threatening to shut them down, these 2 sites eventually folded.

The #3 adult torrent site at the time was Cheggit.net and nearly all the old users from Emp and PTNA migrated there to upload and download copyrighted content.

At first the site tried hiding in numerous offshore countries where they would not have to comply with DMCAs but eventually they tried to become DMCA compliant by hiring DMCANotice.com to handle DMCAs.  Once word got around that Cheggit was complying, myself and at least one other removal company began monitoring the site daily resulting in 100s if not 1000s of torrents were being reported every day.  The site complied with these notices quickly and without incident.  This immediately resulted in panic on the forum as users pleaded with the site to move offshore again and to stop removing torrents.  If you’ve seen my “Talk Like A Pirate” screenshots on Facebook, nearly all of them came from this site.  Myself and the other removal company were literally removing content within minutes of it being posted.

Eventually the site went into a maintenance mode, which they had remained in for nearly all of the past week.  Eventually it was revealed today that the site was going dark and shutting down.  The owner (who had been identified as a New Mexico or Oklahoma resident), was vague as to the exact reasoning but mentioned that starting in December 11 (when we started monitoring) it became too difficult to keep the site compliant.  I’m sure there was legal pressure as well and I know my company wasn’t the only one involved in takedowns so a big kudos to everyone else involved.  I know both myself and Eric from RemoveYourContent were on this daily.  I can’t stress this enough how much effort both Eric and myself put into this from our end.  I’m sure more will come out in the coming weeks and we’ll learn about others who were involved in taking this site down, in addition to the general climate post-Megaupload where copyright infringers are learning there are repercussions for violating the rights of others.

No doubt the freeloaders will migrate somewhere else and try and reestablish their den of thieves.  But we will be there waiting.