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Piracy site uses extortion with copyright holders

One of the most common myths surrounding piracy sites is that they are non-profit, that they are just “sharing” with others and that they aren’t money motivated like those dirty capitalists.

Recently, we sent a fully DMCA compliant notice to a large torrent site.  While our notice was accurate and fully DMCA compliant…we did forget one thing.  The lump of money the piracy site demanded.

Here’s their takedown policy: (Click to enlarge)

So not only does this site profit by selling ads using other people’s hard work, but in the event you want your property removed from their website, it’s going to cost you $50 for EACH instance of copyright infringement.  The process of removing URLs is something many piracy sites simply automate.  Now I know the piracy apologists out there (and you know who you are) like to tout the myth that piracy sites are just some non-profit freedom fighters fighting against the evil corporations, but how can you guys defend this?  Something tells me we won’t see TechDirt, ArsTechnica or TorrentFreak doing an article about this, since it conflicts with the narrative they like to push.

And since the pirate apologists love to trump up made up stories ($72 trillion dollars anyone?), let’s play that same game with them.

Takedown Piracy is closing in on our 7 MILLIONTH infringement removed.  So how can we twist that around to make up a scathing headline against piracy?  Oh yeah:

7 million infringements


$50 per infringement removed




That was fun!