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Takedown Piracy Featured as Supporter of The Artists’ Bill of Rights Campaign

Takedown Piracy is featured as a supporter of the Artists’ Bill of Rights campaign.  The campaign was established to promote a set of ethical principles concerning the use of artists’ intellectual property rights in competitions and appeals seeking use of creative content.  An insightful interview with Takedown Piracy owner Nate Glass recently posted on Artists-Bill-of-Rights.org.  The interview spotlights the company’s crusade against digital content theft.

To view Takedown Piracy’s inclusion as a supporter of the Artists’ Bill of Rights, visit http://artists-bill-of-rights.org/about-us/supporters/takedown-piracy/.

For a list of all supporters of the Artists’ Bill of Rights, visit http://artists-bill-of-rights.org/about-us/supporters/.

To read the interview with Takedown Piracy owner Nate Glass, visit http://artists-bill-of-rights.org/news/campaign-news/an-interview-with-takedown-piracy%27s-ceo/.

Artists’ Bill of Rights Campaign Manager Gordon Harrison states, “Artists’ Bill of Rights is a campaigning organization promoting respect for the rights of artists; we are delighted to promote the Takedown Piracy service founded by Nate Glass.  The work it is doing to defend its clients from the scourge of piracy is vital.  We are particularly impressed in Takedown Piracy’s use of the power of technology to protect its clients, such as its Aikido program, which discovers pirated copies of clients’ works and issue takedown notices to the sites hosting them.  We wish them continued success in this important task.”

“Everything we do is about protecting people’s artistic property,” says Nate Glass.  “The Artists’ Bill of Rights campaign has the same goals.  They work to achieve a stop to piracy through education of the masses, while we try to stop piracy at the source.  By supporting each other, we are able to cover all our bases and greatly reduce digital content theft.”

Takedown Piracy and Nate Glass continue to be in the media spotlight for their renowned effectiveness combatting piracy.  Featured on CNBC.com, TechDirt.com, TheDaily.com, the 1709 Blog, and more, word is spreading about the small but mighty company, and its David versus Goliath story.

Each month, Nate Glass educates readers of AVN Magazine and AVN.com with insightful business news regarding digital content protection for the adult industry to absorb and learn from.  Through humor and accessible rhetoric, Glass explores issues every owner of digital content should know.  To read Glass’ most recent article, visit http://www.thedigitaleditiononline.com/publication/?i=93457&p=54.

With consumers becoming better educated on the harms of piracy, Glass created the Takedown Piracy Tips Page, so people can help make a difference.  Millions of additional eyes provide Takedown Piracy with an army seeking out illegal downloads on torrent, tube and cyberlocker sites.  Users are asked to report the copyright owner and a link to the infringement.  To report a copyright violation using Takedown Piracy’s tip page, visit http://takedownpiracy.com/tips/.

Takedown Piracy actively tracks at least nine different ways content may be pirated, providing widespread coverage.  Takedown Piracy’s army of servers offer protection in the following areas: Cyberlocker sites like Rapidshare, Torrent sites, Tube sites, Auctioned or unauthorized DVD resellers, Search Engines, Image Hosts, Blogs, Forums, Social Media.

To view a statistical breakdown of infringements removed by Takedown Piracy, visit http://takedownpiracy.com/stats/.

 About the Artists’ Bill of Rights:

The Artists’ Bill of Rights campaign was originally founded in 2008 by a photographers organization, Pro-Imaging.  The campaign was established to promote a set of ethical principles concerning the use of artists’ intellectual property rights in competitions and appeals seeking use of creative content.  The campaign seeks to persuade organizations from all sectors, private, charitable, public and non-profit to adopt these principles, and in return it promotes its supporters.  The Artists’ Bill of Rights is encouraged to have gained considerable support for this campaign from organizations across the globe. For further information, please visit the Artists’ Bill of Rights website at http://artists-bill-of-rights.org.

 About Takedown Piracy:

Takedown Piracy (TDP) is an anti-piracy service started in April of 2009.  The service was founded by 14-year entertainment industry veteran Nate Glass.  TDP offers copyright holders an affordable and highly effective means to fight back against content thieves.  For less than the cost of a part-time, minimum wage worker, copyright holders can benefit from Glass’ expertise and passion for protecting copyrighted content from thieves.  To date, TDP has removed over 6.3 million content infringements.  Leading piracy websites are closely monitored to always provide clients with immediate service and protection.  Every month detailed reports are provided to clients with each action taken on their behalf.  A price can’t be placed on trust, but with Takedown Piracy, clients can be sure the company has their best interest in mind 100% of the time.  For more information, visit www.TakedownPiracy.com or www.Twitter.com/TakedownPiracy.