NateMail – Pirates say the darndest things

Got these two gems back to back from the same guy:

So in summary, this pirate is suggesting a few things:

  1. Ignorance of the law is a defense – see:
  2. I should start a company that does exactly what we currently do that led to us sending a DMCA notice for this guy’s upload.  Maybe we could call it something like..oh I dunno…Takedown Piracy.
  3. Even though I am 99.9% certain this guy would do whatever the Google shills at the EFF would tell him to, he’s actually advocating for elimination of the Safe Harbor provision of the DMCA and putting the burden on all UGC sites to discern the copyright owner of all uploads.  Which hell…I’ll actually agree with him there but whether he realizes it or not he’s actually suggesting a pretty anti-piracy policy there.
  4. He’s also completely unaware that videos issued by professional producers do contain copyright notices (see why Night Of the Living Dead is in the public domain), but those copyright notices are often cropped off and removed by…well guys like him that upload those videos to tube sites.

Oh pirates…please don’t ever stop sending me really really dumb emails.