New stats updated

Just updated new stats through October 2012.

Over 12 million infringements removed now.  And we’re currently #3 or #4 on Google’s all-time list of infringement reporters.  Right up there with Microsoft, the MPAA and BPI.  Pretty impressive.

It took us about 2 and a half years to reach our 5 millionth infringement, and then this year alone we topped 7 million.  We are constantly working to improve our methods and systems and I’m proud of our track record.  Where numerous other anti-piracy companies have cut corners and been sloppy, we’ve worked hard to make sure we’re accurate in everything we do.  It’s not easy to keep up with the rampant piracy and exploitationists out there who are constantly trying to find new ways to avoid respecting the hard work of others.  But we are getting better and better every month,  and while I wish there wasn’t this much piracy in the first place, I know our clients are better off with 12 million fewer pirated versions of their works out there.