Copyright infringers think this defense will hold up in court

I would say this is only slightly better than the Chewbacca defense and not nearly as good as pleading insanity.

Also, while I have airbrushed out the name of the site you should know a few things:

1.  This site is purely FOR PROFIT.

2.  This site created different sections for the works of different copyright holders.  Something tells me you can’t claim you don’t know what’s going on on your site when you have different sections for specific companies.

3.  This site does not comply with DMCA notices.

4.  This site is not “user uploaded content”.  The only people able to post on this site are the site owners themselves.  You can’t claim ignorance or the “we just index content” when you decide what content is indexed because you’re the one that uploaded it.

5.  Despite being clear cut criminals, there will be a hoard of freeloaders commenting here to defend these actions.

3 thoughts on “Copyright infringers think this defense will hold up in court”

  1. Ebay is the number one piracy capitol of the world, you can get ANYTHING you want there, all bootlegged. Check out some of the books, audiobooks, they have for sale, all pirated, all sent through digital delivery. Ebay seems to care not. Their report links are a crock of lol’s, and seldom do they do anything about it. If the listings “happen” to get removed, the seller has them relisted within minutes, or registers with a new user ID and sells again. sad shit

  2. What’s your rationale for creating and posting a derivative work on your commercial website, of their copyrighted material? I’m taking your word that they are infringing, but you reference a law which doesn’t appear to apply for multiple reasons. You also explicitly claim to have visited that site in direct violation of their TOS, indicating that you believe you are above the DMCA. (Computer fraud, in that you gained access to a computer system under false pretenses- the same thing used against Facebook “hackers”)

    1. ^ I really should say this in a tactful and professional way…but….

      You are an idiot. Somebody had to say it. Your friends apparently won’t. Change your life. You’re welcome.

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