More hate from the ‘sharing is caring’ crowd

Plus we received this gem via email:

From: Arjen <[email protected]>
Subject: Good work

Message Body:
Hello Nate,

You are a faggot, but I don't hope you get cancer like others. I'm more of the AIDS type of guy. I hope you get AIDS. 


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55 thoughts on “More hate from the ‘sharing is caring’ crowd”

  1. keep up the good work, nate!

    those of us with the ability to construct complete sentences and the moral upbringing to know stealing is bad applaud you!

    1. It’s a shame you don’t also have the ability to recognize the difference between copyright infringement and stealing.

  2. haha, I know right? Immature pissants!

    You forgot this one:

    “Because I have friends, and I mean living breathing friends who actually like to engage in human contact outside of a forum on the internet. We go to some really awesome theaters like Alamo Drafthouse, instead of watching crappy cam rips on your splooge covered monitor.”

    What a dick! Oh wait… that’s you.

  3. I had to register for some new sites because cheggit is gone. It look me about 5 minutes. It will be many years before the rich have the internet fixed the way they think it should be.

    mission failed you jewish slave errand boy 😀

  4. I had to register for some new sites because cheggit is gone. It look me about 5 minutes. It will be many years before the rich have the internet fixed the way they think it should be.

    mission failed errand boy 😀

  5. Wow money really is the root of evil it seems. The children have lost their ‘right’ to earn money through theft and so they wish cancer upon fellow human beings.

    Grow up.

    Keep up the godo work Nate.

  6. Haha, I was going to post the same thing… thanks, Nate, you drove me to find Cheggit replacements, and this time I have multiples in case the first goes down. This is all very reminiscent of the OiNK situation, and like that situation, we lost OiNK and gained multiple replacements that each do the job equally well. Cutting the heads off a Hydra must feel like such a colossal waste of time…

    …less so if someone is going to pay you by the head, I suppose. Maybe we’re wrong about this… Nate found the ultimate benefit of the torrenting community. It’s a bottomless money pit for anyone who aligns themselves with industry and yells into the wind like he does. The Sisyphean nature of the task means that there will always be someone to line Nate’s pockets.

    And he calls us criminals.

      1. First of all Nate if your intelligent your not acting like it. You think because you have money you can post offensive comments. I am not a theif and neither is anyone who can’t afford what you can. Oh yeah and it’s people with money who are hacking websites and putting up warez websites, but you’d know that if you were so intelligent wouldn’t you. No one wants to stick up for you because you are the ignorant idiot not anyone else. My mom is dying from cancer you jerk. How would you feel if someone else said the same to you. Your not even a human being your a sad excuse for a human being. The anger your hearing is what you deserve to hear. I bet your parents raised you with better morals and are embarassed by the child they raised. Just to let you know you just sunk this wensite because now I’m turning your offensive comments into every news station I can and you will be named by your profile name so everyone will know who you are a coward standing behind a fake name. Grow some balls and shut your mouth, again your not the FBI let them do their jobs. Shut up, grow up, and stop being so ignorant to everyone around you because you have money. Your just a rich, snobby, little brat, who doesn’t know when to shut your big hole in your face so for everyone who felt offended this comment is to back all of you. I pay for my shit you don’t hear me crying about less fortunate people getting theirs for free. Technically they still have to pay for the service to download with so their still not getting it for free just a little cheaper dumby. So score one for those who posted how ignorante NATE GLASS IS! NATE GLASS Zero what you are!

        1. you’re*
          have known*
          the big hole*
          is back to*
          and you*
          Nate Glass, zero is what you are*

          Good job, you’ve proven that the harder you try, the harder you fail.

      2. Did I hit a nerve, Nate, by pointing out the nature of the work you do? That you’re the real-life, internet-crusading version of Levy from The Wire? An unscrupulous bottom-feeder? I didn’t need to use insults or rude language to make my point. It’s a shame that you felt like you did in response.

        “Criminals” didn’t offend me, Nate, it’s simply hypocritical given that your current career is bordering on the criminal. You survive in this position only because of criminals. If you could actually do anything about the criminals, you’d be out of a job. In fact, it’s in your best interests for the criminal activity to continue. And knowing that your efforts are fruitless, you know that the criminal activity will continue ad infinitum, and you’ll keep the money rolling in.

        As for your steretypes of us, pretty inaccurate. I spend plenty of money on otherwise downloadable items and I have the utmost respect for the artists that produce them. The only thing I feel entitled to is to not be tricked into buying substandard products by forcing us to pay for these products before we can try them.

        Try to realize that the people you’re addressing these comments to come from a wide variety of perspectives and backgrounds, and that “selfish, whiny, self-entitled assholes” only speaks to a very small subsection of the torrenting community. You talk about the things that have been said to you in the article above: ever think that it’s responses like this that bring that out in people? You have to give respect to get respect.

  7. I love the way these punk-ass kids who think the world owes them a living justify for their theft due to the uneven distribution of wealth acorss the globe:

    “We have no jobs – you should see what it’s like to go hungry”

    Funny how they’ve all got broadband connections that enables them to upload gigabytes of copyright material?

    Lazy kids who who can’t be assed to get off their backsides – time to get down to your local McDonalds and start flipping burgers and cleaning the bathrooms like the rest of us did many moons ago.

    1. lazy, self entitled brats….I shudder to think they’ll run the world some day. No one will be willing to work for anything…just sit back and mooch off others hard work.

      All the while spouting “sharing is caring” while actually contributing nothing to society.

  8. Oh boy Nate, you are SO wrong.
    I’ll not be as disrespectful as others have been (although that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to be), because I think all human beings deserve some degree of respect.
    I’d like to point out your level of arrogance. You brag about having an Iphone, Blu-ray player, PS3 and whatsoever. Get off your own star dude. That’s not the lifestyle an average HARDWORKING person has, and nobody really cares what you can afford. Those stuff won’t fill up any voids in your soul, trust me.
    Music and movies and yes, sometimes porn are considered forms of art and self expression. Torrent sites help spreading the artist’s work, making them gain widespread attention. There’s nothing wrong with that. Enjoying the arts should be a human right. Why would I have to pay to listen to my favourite music?? Of course, if it benefits me, I’ll pay for it if I can. Sadly, that’s not always the case. What makes a wealthier person have more right to enjoy important things like these than a person who can’t afford it?
    The entrepreneurs should adapt themselves to this new form of business. All succesful porn sites have made it. Sharing is not stealing. Information should not be commercialized.
    I really do hope you and your family DON’T suffer from cancer, and I also hope you’ll focus your huge motivation and energy to where it’s actually needed, not just where the cash is.

    1. Leann…if you think I think a ps3 fills a void in my soul you are flat out off your meds. I’m sorry that I also own a refrigerator and have indoor plumbing…how arrogant of me to rub that in the face of everyone? I have a ps3 ($300) and $50 blu ray player and an iPhone from 4 years ago. So I have a little over $500 in goods there. Yeah….what an arrogant wealthy asshole I am. Hahahaha

      You aren’t being deprived of enjoying art. Jesus, go outside every once in a while…there’s free art and culture everywhere. This is the self-entitled generation. You want free everything regardless of how that affects anyone but yourself.

      I listen to free music all day on Pandora and Spotify. Just because you want to listen to a certain song at a certain time doesn’t just entitle the artist to be at your beck and call to perform for you your highness.

      So since you’re a musician I’m going to employ your logic against you.

      I too like free culture and music and it enhances my life. I now order you to come to where I live and play your music for me. Don’t infringe my human rights now! Play your music for me right now. And don’t play old music. I demand you play new music for me constantly. And also make me a movie about a fighting robot, because it’s my human right to be entitled to this and I demand you make it for me. Spare no expense, I’m looking for something in the $200 million dollar budget range…now get on it…my human rights aren’t patient.

      1. Do you realise you are not making any sense at all? How’s that “employing my own logic against me”? I won’t go play for you, because you don’t deserve it. However, I do share everything I record, and I feel HUMBLED whenever somebody downloads it or shares it.
        And I think that I clearly said that a PS3 WON’T fill up any voids in your soul. And me wanting to listen to a certain song at a certain moment does not require for the artist to come and play it for me.
        What’s wrong? Are you too busy bombing porn sites and now you can’t read well and give a well thought and proper answer? I thought that not insulting you or wishing death upon your relatives would at least give me the right to that, but nevermind!
        ps: sorry if you have trouble understanding what I’m trying to say. English is not my first language!

        1. it’s not for you to decide whether or not i’ve earned in Leanbb…don’t you realize that sharing is caring? I demand you share your work with me…so get your ass down here and play for me! Sharing is caring!!!!!!!! What part of that don’t you understand?!?!?!?!?!

          1. Hey Nate, you know that it’ll probably do you more good to ignore people that are convinced that piracy is a right. I liked what you were doing until I saw some of your replies. I’m sure that the threats towards you makes you want to respond, but does that really help your cause?

          2. Nice touch, Nate. Shouting and reapeating your own narrow point of view when confronted by musician who shares his/her work. Some serious skills at debating at work here. You stay classy, Nate!

  9. Yet another Amerifag doing his best to protect his imperial country… You are so impotent that you could be kinda cute <3

  10. You do things with such class, Nathan. Admit it, what gets you off is pissing people off since the thrill of pulling the wings off flies no longer excites you. If those whom you defend show as much class and professionalism as you, then the whole lot of you will soon be broke and powerless. Good riddance all around.


  11. Thanks for all the fantastic work you are doing Nate. Don’t listen to these kids.
    Big closures like Megaupload are making a huge impact.

    While there are thousands of hosting companies and domains piracy sites can use, there are only a few payment processors; Paypal, Alertpay, Webmoney.

    The Achilles heel of file sharing sites is that most rely on Paypal for donations and ad revenue. If payment processors were held more accountable they would be doing more to cut off theses criminals instead of profiting off them.

  12. Being as Paypal is part of Ebay and Amazon and every other bigwig online store, I don’t think Little Nate Glass will be giving them any trouble. How else would he collect money? I doubt he has the MOJO to have his own POS account with his bank to process credit card transactions. Oh, and let me introduce myself NATE. I’m a HATER 😀

    1. We’ve had quite a few paypal accounts suspended. It’s actually quite easy to fill out paypal’s infringement form and pirates are pretty damn stupid in making it obvious. But continue to believe whatever you like.

      1. Really, and who’s accounts have you closed down? Being as you can only file infringement claims on WEBSITE accounts that make PAYOUTS which filehosts are you claiming to have taken down? Are you claiming responsibility for putting the feds onto Kim Dotcom’s servers in Virginia too? Oh wait, you don’t contribute to end litigation. My bad, sorry. Not many people remember who actually came up with the Polio vaccine, so maybe you could take credit for that too while you’re at it. How about the invention of fire? I think that one’s up for grabs.

        1. Well if only anything you said had a basis in fact, you would look incredibly smart.

          In reality, if a site is accepting donations via Paypal and offers downloads of copyrighted materials you can submit a report with Paypal. Since you can’t be bothered with doing any research yourself, allow me:

          I have made no claim to the MU case, however you look kind of silly for calling that end-user litigation. You clearly do not know what is end-user litigation and what isn’t. Might want to look it up so that your accusations will have merit instead of being factual incorrect.

          I’ll see your Polio and one-up you…I invented the question mark AND non-nutritive cereal varnish.

          1. I am having so much fun with you,

            By the way, just so you know, “The Enemy” on the other side of your pseudo moralistic crusade is laughing their asses off at you. As I consider myself a “Fair” person I will tell you why. You might feel like a hot shit filing your little claims and feeling empowered by it, but the bottom line is that you’re defrauding the people that actually pay you for your so-called “services.” You WANT people to post files owned by your alleged “clients” as that gives you the ability bill every time you file a notice. You’re right up there with those entrepreneurs who used to use sawdust as a filler and sell your product as bread. And by the way, you didn’t invent the polio vaccine, and you didn’t invent fire. Personally, I don’t think you have the technical prowess to operate a potato gun properly. Wouldn’t want to give you a GOD complex or anything. It’s a shame. Had you been on the other side of the fence we might have been friends as I enjoy your sense of ruthless humor.

          2. And by the way, I saw the Vacation movies too and have always been a Chevy Chase fan. Non-nutritive cereal varnish . . .Christmas Vacation circa 1989 if I remember correctly. 😉

          3. See…now you getting my cereal varnish joke makes me ALMOST think you aren’t such a bad guy after all. Piracy may divide us…by Chevy Chase can bring us together.

  13. I think someone needs to bring back Hunter S Thompsons “Swine of the Week” to cover all these suckfish lawyer types popping up everywhere to do the bidding of the entertainment industry. I don’t pirate anything, yet still find most of your ilk repulsive.

    1. Why do you assume lawyers are my “ilk”, I am not an attorney, and actually if you’ve read some of the articles here I’m pretty critical of most entertainment lawyers and their tactics.

  14. Fair enough. I tend to lump most of the militantly pro-copyright people in with the copyright trolls (Righthaven, etc).

    What are your views on SOPA, PIPA, ACTA?

    1. It’s understandable. I’ve been consistently called out on this blog about lumping freeloaders and occasional downloaders or “try before you buy” downloaders into the same category. It’s a valid point.

      There are parts of SOPA, etc. that I liked, and parts that I didn’t. I like being able to cut off funding to some of these organizations who are making millions of dollars using copyrighted stuff. I would hope we could all agree on that, however I think the divergence lies in how we achieve that end. The IP blocking parts were useless and had already been worked around by pirates months prior, so why that was left in for so long was silly to me. I also feel that any new updated attempt at IP enforcement should provide ample remedies for copyright owners both big and small, not just stuff that would benefit Disney but stuff that would be of use to my clients, which are mostly small businesses. It shouldn’t all run through the Justice Department, there has to be individual remedies. And of course oversight and things similar to the DMCA’s counter-notice. I don’t think certain countries should be allowed to just become havens for copyright infringement when nearly all the copyrights they infringe are from one other country. If the internet is the World Wide Web then I think we have to agree on some general guidelines we can all adhere to.

      I think it’s sad that the SOPA debate was drowned out by mistruths and out and out propaganda. I do think people need to look into how much tech firms have spent lobbying to practically destroy copyright instead of just focusing on the lobbying done by the MPAA, etc. I’ll bet you Google won’t spend as much money lobbying to weaken trademark law, and won’t fund Lawrence Lessig if he wants the term Google to be in the public domain so I can sell my “Google Browser”, something tells me that Google and the tech firms LOVE that part of intellectual property law, but they hate that they would have to pay licensing costs to display other forms of IP on their devices or websites.

      In the end it’s all about money and it’s all about who gets what piece of the pie. If you believe Google or Reddit or any of those companies are actually lobbying on YOUR behalf, you’re naive. These are companies fighting other companies, all for the benefit of their bottom lines.

      1. Google’s shenanigans today don’t exactly help its case, though I still trust it slightly more than most of Hollywood/the labels. Really I’m surprised most of the major players didn’t get in on digital distribution immediately. They were better positioned than anyone else on the front end. Ten years later and they’re still having to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future. It’s the VCR all over again.

        1. Agreed. However, as someone who has been involved in licensing and broadcast deals, it’s not always as simple as it might seem from the outside. The content owner gets consistently low-balled and the broadcast services use bullshit stats to work you down on your price. And then there’s the issue where the broadcaster isn’t bound to want to distribute all your stuff. So the people would just then complain that they couldn’t find those hard-to-find shows that they claim is the reason they torrent in the first place.

          I’m not saying you don’t have good points, but the inner workings of the negotiation aren’t as simple as “let’s do this” and it’s done. And you don’t want each studio doing it’s own exclusive site because then you’d have to be a member of a dozen different sites, so you have to have the one-stop places like Netflix which in turn gives Netflix the power to beat you down on price.

          Now I’ve never dealt with Netflix myself, so I can’t say they are 100% that way, but every other licensing and broadcast negotiation I’ve ever been a part of has been that way. Just theorizing what might be another obstacle studios/broadcasters have to overcome to achieve the kind of digital distribution we all clamor for.

  15. This site reminds me of those audiophile websites. Promoting pointless solutions that don’t work or give results, but make those who pay for them certainly feel a lot warmer inside. I know if I were a content creator, browsing this site might get me excited enough to get out a phone and a cheque book in the hopes of crushing those nasty pirates, but at the end of the day, this resume that you pay to host online will make as much as an impact on the industry and piracy as every copyright infringement law created since the internet went public, and even those to come in the next few decades, which is to say, none. Although that’s been demonstrated so frequently now I don’t think it even needs to be said. Pissing into the wind? I can’t remember how that saying goes. By the way, keep up the edgy, sarcastic responses to your commentors, people with bank accounts just love it!

  16. You tear sites down we build them up just as fast or faster.
    And you know it.
    You are only in it for a buck.
    Dont pretend its anything else.


  17. Is it hard to be morally superior when you serve the porno industry?
    Google DMCA Form: Infringement Notification for Web Search
    Company Name: Takedown Piracy LLC Copyright claim #0:
    Copyright holder: Digital Playground
    Your bank accounts cannot buy a soul. After you wipe out piracy indirectly, maybe you can do a person to person job you seem suited for like a narc for the police. Don’t imagine you would live very long. Long live the war of the classes…

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