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  1. Very informative, but also showing that the current music industry is very antiquated. We have a lot more direct venues for artists to put their music out there. Pretty soon the recording giants won’t be in the picture when artists use more of these technologies.

  2. Any chance you could update your infographic with income/loss figures from anybody other than the RIAA, who’ve been shown many times to ‘cook’ their stats?

  3. This is all very well, but I’d love to know how they pull these job and consume numbers out of their ass.

    Just because someone pirates something, it doesn’t mean someone else is out of a job. The money just goes elsewhere in other industries, instead of lining the Record/Movie exec’s back pockets. They of course always try to hide this fact.

    Consider the fact that the Video Games industry is far bigger now than it was 8 years ago, and significant portion of the younger generation spend their money on games (which can’t be pirated as easily or have a decent distribution model that isn’t still stuck in the stone age) and so instead the money goes on that.

  4. To add to that, instead of people “buying” music, they might instead pirate it, and choose to support the artists directly by seeing them live, of which the artists get a far bigger proportion of the proceedings than buying a cd/downloading from iTunes, and this is far more important as they are the ones that actually created the content in the first place.

  5. This whole thing is based on the assupmtion, that if that quick click (what was this song again?) wouldn’t happen, people would spend 20$+ each time to buy the whole album. I seriously doubt that.
    But the destroyed jobs made me cry. Really – the global financial crisis must be a result of digital piracy. People loose their houses and have no medical insurances, but still can cheat the industry for billions. So the living standards are still too high!

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