Takedown Piracy gets more attention on Wjunction

So yesterday I posted an email sent to me by an anonymous emailer.  I did not edit the email in any way and I did not even comment on it.  I just posted it.  Also, like I do with every comment I get from my haters, I approved the only comment made on the article so far.  Which to be fair wasn’t from one of my haters, but just someone who disputed the verbiage used by the anonymous emailer.

Today I was alerted to the fact that once again, the website Wjunction was abuzz with references to me.  I have no problem with this and I think healthy debate is great for everyone.  I would have liked to have posted my thoughts on Wjunction but my past accounts there were both suspended and for a time my IP was banned.  I imagine this was the work of someone who just didn’t like me and my company and NOT indicative of Wjunction’s current management who seem to be very fair and open to what it is I do.

So I will answer the comments made in that thread here so that my detractors and supporters can understand my position on these matters.

Full thread here : http://www.wjunction.com/14-webmaster-news/102946-wjunction-root-all-evil.html

Comments directed towards me and TDP:

Lifetalk: Lol. This guy is definitely bored. He probably can’t find enough warez to keep him busy with sending out takedown emails that mostly get dumped in the trash or sent to spam (by default).

Well, I’m not bored.  Actually that email came to me on 9/18 and I posted it on 9/21 because I’ve been too busy.  And I can’t find enough Warez?  Ummm there’s plenty of copyright infringing going on.  More than any one person could begin to wrap their head around.  You don’t have to look for warez, it’s everywhere.  And our notices most certainly do not get dumped in the trash, though I imagine that you imagine that every website is full of bravado and tells me to go to hell.  Unfortunately those piracy sites you idolize are for the most part completely compliant with takedown notices.  Because they aren’t stupid, and would rather remove content instead of facing litigation.  Which is probably why they run a site and you comment on a board.  See the difference there?

Mr. Happy: I’d like to work for takedownprivacy.com. He/she/they obviously needs an experienced warez webmaster to show them the ropes as they haven’t got a clue. I’d say WJ is their biggest source of traffic too. Trying to close the site which is your biggest source of traffic is a dumb ass thing to do if you want your site to survive.

Mr. Happy, first off, I am glad you are happy.  I don’t think we are currently adding to our staff but I will keep you in mind.  For the record, WJ is not our biggest source of traffic.  That would be Google.  Actually WJ is 3rd (thanks!) behind Google and type in traffic.  Google accounts for 68% of our traffic according to Analytics.  Type-in is 11% and WJ is 5.5%.  Now, while I appreciate traffic, I would think you would be smart enough to realize that not all traffic is of equal value.  Since I am not using any sort of advertising on my site, the number of visitors I get is really of no consequence.  You can see that our Alexa rank is 260,000 something, which isn’t very good.  How we even got that high is beyond me.  But regardless, Wjunction traffic is of very little value to me, since Wjunction users aren’t typically copyright holders and thus aren’t typically a customer we would want to attract.  I appreciate you guys coming here and leaving comments but it doesn’t do me any good or bad.  I can safely assume I’ve never converted a Wjunction user to a paying customer.  But then again…has anyone?  *zing*!   And where did I ever say anything about trying to close WJ?  WJ isn’t hosting copyright infringing materials.  I simply use WJ as a way to stay informed as to what you guys are doing.  And you guys are more than willing to make your business models and other dealings very public.

DJ Mad: His poor and doesnt get that much business,so cant afford a good template,but im sure the nice people here will code him one for free

Hey Mr. DJ I’m not really sure how you are aware of my financial status but I think you’d change your mind if I were to post my earnings screenshot.  BOOM!  If I don’t get that much business, then why do you guys waste so much time obsessing over me?  But the part about my template is funny.  If I wanted a fancy template, I’d just do what everyone else at WJ does – steal it from another website!  Think I could co-opt the HornyWhores template for my site too?  My template was a free one, because I could care less about wasting my customers’ money into a website that they aren’t even going to.  I sell a service, not a flashy website.  Big difference.

eLight: Probably someone who’s pissed off that we don’t allow people to seek uploaders for their websites. WJunction has changed a lot in the past couple of months. In this process, we’ve alienated quite a few people… But so be it. We discussed it as staff a few months ago, and that path hasn’t changed. Nate isn’t our enemy, well I don’t deem him as one. That post was made from an “anonymous” user.

I’d be interested to see Nate post over here, though I doubt he’d be interested in doing so. But the door is always open in my eyes. Maybe something constructive could come of it.

eLight so far is the most intelligent person I’ve read on WJ.  When others hated on me and my business model, he was right there to point out how my model is legit.  What we have here is a rational person capable of critical thought and not just Ad hominem attacks or group-think.  I’d love to post at WJ if I knew my account wasn’t going to be suspended or IP banned because I don’t drink the PirateBay flavored koolaid.  Hit me up eLight and let’s make it happen.

Foxman: What the hell? Is this nate guy for real?


Dom: This guy is a fucking joke. I’m getting really pissed off with him, he is one of the most cocky’est people I have ever encountered.

He will not last.

Well, I’m not sure we’ve had an encounter but I’m sorry you have such hatred in your heart towards me.  I won’t last?  We’re coming up on 3 years of Takedown Piracy and more and more copyright owners are becoming active in protecting their digital media.  The tide is not moving in your direction.  That being said…I hope I don’t ‘last’.  I hope I’m not doing this in five years.  I had a regular job before this and I’ll gladly go back to doing something else once piracy is at a manageable level. 

Nightmare: You guys know that he made this topic to get some visitors to his site ?
and so far he is getting it , i think this topic should be closed since its a complete crap .

Again, why would I want WJ traffic.  It is as useless to me as my traffic would be to WJ.  I thought you guys were supposed to be webmasters.  Sheesh.

WarezDemon: I’m not the one who goes and sucks nates dick tbh i hate TDP.
The sites just one man trying to do the impossible, TakeDownPiracy.
I could do a much better job then TDP. And thats without using sites like WJunction for evidence.

We can both agree that you are definitely not the one sucking my dick.  See, we can find things we agree on.  I’m not trying to do the impossible, I’m just doing a service for my clients, those clients are very happy with my service.  If you think you can do a better job than me than I suggest you start your own business doing just that.  That’s kinda how businesses get started.  I had the same idea when I started mine.  I thought I could do a better job than others in this space and that I could do it for less cost.  If you think you can compete with all the anti-piracy companies out there, then put your money where your mouth is and do it.  I’m doing it, I’m not fighting for crumbs and three dollars a day uploading Photoshop to Filesonic so they can become rich.  You want to come play in my yard, bring it on.

Mr. Happy:  The key thing is this Nate guy is the good guy. It doesn’t matter who gives him info or how he gets it. Let’s be honest he is fighting crime. Ridicule him all you want but he’s on the right side of the law and uploaders are on the other. Their’s no denying that.

Now I know why they call you Mr. Happy.  Appreciate the dose of reality you injected into the thread.  I don’t hate uploaders, no matter how much they might hate on me.  I think it’s appalling that sites like Filesonic and wUpload rake in millions while paying uploaders (often in third world countries or impoverished situations) a few bucks a month.  I think that’s akin to labor exploitation.  I’m surprised that more of you guys don’t see that.  Some of you do, and those guys tend to support what I’m doing.  When was the last time you read about me suing a website?  Never.  When have I sued an individual?  Never.  I am not your enemy.  I am the enemy of those that want to directly profit from the intellectual works of others.  I am paid to be a thorn in the sides of those that want to ignore copyright laws.  That is what I am paid to do and I do my job well.

I would welcome the opportunity to engage the wJunction userbase in an actual spirited debate.  I have doubts that either side can be swayed but you can get meaningful ideas from people who don’t agree with you.  I’m not hard to find.  nate at takedownpiracy dot com.

22 thoughts on “Takedown Piracy gets more attention on Wjunction”

  1. I’m not “after” WJ at all. You guys keep linking to ME and starting threads about ME. I’ve never posted on WJ. YOUR fellow users email me with info that was mainly about Filesonic and wUpload and mentioned WJ and I posted it as it was sent to me about two sites (FS and WU) that are copyright infringement havens.

    I have 4 or 5 threads on WJ that you guys started about ME. I’ve never linked to WJ yet I get 5% of my traffic from there, it would seem to be the WJ users who are more interested in me than the opposite.

    The only comment I made on this site re: WJ was to state that those users that used WJ to ADVERTISE a piracy site would be added to site’s we scan. In fact one of the things I mentioned (pirates seeking uploaders on WJ) is something that WJ has itself attempted to do away with.

    1. DJ, you might have posted the topics but clearly you didn’t read them. Otherwise you’d know that WJ traffic means nothing to me in terms of business.

      You should ask Filesonic to buy you a PS3. $10 for 1000 downloads so you just need about 30,000 downloads. Get to work!

  2. Please stop classing all WJ users with the greedy, cash whore indians.
    Most of the older members will also agree that we are NOT like the new generation. We pay for stuff we use, be it physical goods or digital goods/services. Yes we may download shit first, but that’s how we test stuff to see if it’s what we want/need.

    Do you just go and buy a car without test driving and without learning as much as you can about it? Same goes for downloading software, we download, see how it is, easy to use etc…..if it tickles our fancy, we buy it.

    Try going after those new filehosts; FileSonic, WUpload, UploadStation, FileJungle.
    They’re the real problem here.

    1. If you’re upset that people have a perception that all the users of WJ are cheap cashwhores then you should blame the cashwhores, not me. For the longest time those cashwhores were welcomed by WJ, and to a large extent they still are. How much time are you spending on the “post your earnings screenshot” threads decrying what they are doing? I’m guessing none. You’ve probably interacted with me more than you have with them. Think about that.

    2. Hey, you are a racist. You can’t say that all Indians are cash whores and at the same time, those from western countries aren’t. HOW CAN YOU FUCKING DECLARE THAT? If I am to declare, I’M DECLARING, YOU ARE A DOUCHE BAG! :-)I’m an Indian and I don’t upload warez and earn from it. So shut your mother fucking racist mouth.

      1. Proto, where in my comment did I say that Westerners aren’t cash whores. I also never stated that ALL Indians are cash whores. But sadly the majority of the current WJ user base are cash whores from India, you know this as well.

  3. Just replied to your comment, Nate:

    Just for the record, I’m neither against you, nor hate you. In fact, given the website(s) I own (none of them are warez websites) I have a pretty good ‘relationship’ with some of the people who send me DMCA takedown notices on a regular basis.

    And then there are some that send me DMCA takedown notices for open source/free graphics; those of course, end up in the trash/spam bin.

    1. I am just as opposed to people abusing the DMCA as anyone. I take extra special care with all my notices to make sure everything I am reporting is legitimately a copyright infringement. The people who abuse DMCA are the people who make it harder for people like me to do my job. So on this point we can agree.

  4. WJ was a webmasters forum, even though primarily warez based, still had good info for a legal webmaster. Then they decided to allow file hosts, uploaders and go in the wrong direction.

    You have to remember that most of the people who reply here and there are kids. Maybe two to three smart people who replied being demon, elight & happy. People like Lifetalk just posts on the board and doesn’t own any successful website as you already implied. It is easier to look big that way.

    Haters will always be hating when you take away the $10 they made wasting all there time in a month uploading content they do not own.

    So I must say keep up the good work Nate!

    1. demon said
      woot i got called smart
      You have to remember that most of the people who reply here and there are kids. Maybe two to three smart people who replied being demon, elight & happy. People like Lifetalk just posts on the board and doesn’t own any successful website as you already implied. It is easier to look big that way.

      decimal said
      lol @ Lifetalk
      who’s the WJ anon? obv doesnt know much

      demon says
      no idea tbh

      decimal said
      he’s misinformed
      u ain’t smart

      demon says

      decimal said

      1. @Anon
        Man you’re one funny kid. It’s interesting how you assume so much.

        Oh, you also need a couple English language courses man. Please!

  5. I did not assume anything, we both know you have never had any successful site in your life, your just talk. Maybe thats why your user name is Life Talk.

    Running a image site that is directly geared towards warez & uploaders is not a successful site. Before you say it is not, then care to explain why you said you have so many DMCA reports? Your the fact that you had all these plugins made for uploaders to upload movie covers which they do not own the right to?

    Your also on a forum that supports piracy & you constantly calumniate others who are trying to good like Nate.

    Knowing your wrong you resort to discussing my use of language, which has no grammatical errors. I guess Nate likes people like you who keep him in business with all your stupidity.

    Like always, good work Nate!

    1. Want me to ship a medal to you? If yes, I’ll need an address.

      Beyond that, thanks for the chuckles 🙂 You are quite the entertainment. Nate’s got an additional repeat visitor thanks to your mindless rambling. Cheers.

    2. P.S: You might as well classify every image host as being geared towards warez if you’re gonna class mine in that category. I don’t really need to tell you why, but if you can’t figure it out, you’re the idiot here.

      P.P.S: When, and if at all, you get round to running a successful website that has tons and tons of user submitted content, you’ll understand why the DMCA notices follow.

      P.P.P.S: So every image host that has plugins to facilitate a function, is engaging in and encouraging piracy? You most definitely need to refer to the dictionary and a couple other documents. That is some serious misunderstanding you’re going around with.

      P.P.P.P.S: WJunction does not support piracy. It is a webmaster forum. Maybe try learning the difference.

      P.P.P.P.P.S: These notes are getting lengthy. Yes, your use of language has quite a few grammatical errors. Even the one where you claim there are none. I would point them out, but I seriously cannot be bothered at this hour.

      P.P.P.P.P.P.S: Yes, you’re still assuming quite a bit. I find that amusing, in ways more than one.

  6. Having an API & making plugins that tie directly into warez uploading are two totally different things. An API allows the end user to create additional functions for the site. What you did is create the plugins directly to support illegal content sharing. No dictionary is needed as it is a basic concept.

    For example, Google has an API for search and you can potentially create a warez search engine from it, however you dont see Google creating a new site, warez.google.com

    Wjunction does support piracy, if you want to come to reality or live in dream land, it is up to you. All the file hosts that pay are mainly geared towards illegal content sharing. That is why they are losing in court. There is also a DDL section on WJ which is all about illegal downloading directories.

    Nothing is assumed as you mention, like I said you calumniate to much.

    My address is 123 lifetalk is stupid

  7. Initially, I *thought* you were borderline retarded. Now I *know* you are.

    For the sake of baseless argument, you choose to conveniently ignore the fact that almost every image host out there has plugins created for their service. Go to imageshack.com, imgur.com, or photobucket.com. Then browse around and look for ‘tools’. They all have apps/plugins, etc etc. You really are stupid, ya know?

    Yes, you still assume a lot, lol. Besides, you don’t really have a case here. I mean, you’re sucking up to Nate, for the most part. Unless of course some client pays you an hourly wage for commenting on blogs.

    Oh and you were probably raped in some way or form when you were on WJ, thus the hate.

  8. Hi but no Hi
    It seems like you are just another homeless illiterate guy who does not have any work to do and developed a new way of earning from this so called niche. Now don’t say you are not earning via this lest it will be just like you are a modern Che Guevara for the copy right holders. I really hate the hypocrite people and I am warning you stop all these bull shit otherwise your site will cease to exist.

    fuk off

  9. @Lifetalk – imageshack.com, imgur.com, or photobucket.com have plugins for everyday users. They do not make plugins themselves for systems such as sborg or rl.

    Seeing as your toss the word around a lot, I will educate you. WJ did not “rape” me in any way. That is assumption in which you use as a come back constantly.

    Tired of looking like a fool? Then stop replying.

    @idiot – Nate is not the first nor the last to offer such a service. Nate is much cheaper then others out there for the reason of not profiting from others work, although his time is still worth a value. If you don’t like it then you don’t have to comment.

    Nate, these are the kids I mentioned above.

  10. You’re assuming I created plugins for sBorg and RL. I did not. You’ve got to be a fool to assume so much. Either way, it makes no difference to me. My image host does pretty well, in every way and form. If you don’t like you, by all means, cry about it all you want.

    And yeah, you were pretty much raped. It’s not really rocket science to deduce that. I’m not using it as a comeback. Merely a statement of fact that you are otherwise quite keen on hiding.

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