Takedown Piracy gets more attention on Wjunction

So yesterday I posted an email sent to me by an anonymous emailer.  I did not edit the email in any way and I did not even comment on it.  I just posted it.  Also, like I do with every comment I get from my haters, I approved the only comment made on the article so far.  Which to be fair wasn’t from one of my haters, but just someone who disputed the verbiage used by the anonymous emailer.

Today I was alerted to the fact that once again, the website Wjunction was abuzz with references to me.  I have no problem with this and I think healthy debate is great for everyone.  I would have liked to have posted my thoughts on Wjunction but my past accounts there were both suspended and for a time my IP was banned.  I imagine this was the work of someone who just didn’t like me and my company and NOT indicative of Wjunction’s current management who seem to be very fair and open to what it is I do.

So I will answer the comments made in that thread here so that my detractors and supporters can understand my position on these matters.

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Anonymous little birdie dishes the dirt on Filesonic/Wupload

From: Mr Anonymous
Subject: Random

Message Body:
I came across your site and figured you’d like to know the following:

FileSonic and wUpload are the same owners/site. WUpload was setup as a backup plan in case filesonic ever gets taken to court or giving a lawsuit (like hotfile did). This way, if one goes down, the other remains. I did get their company records and what not, from the appropriate government resource (you can also pay to see their accounting), they are run by the same people, a couple of unprofessional kids.

WJunction, you said seems to be used by many people in “warez”. You should know this already but wjunction was started as a warez webmaster forum, it was created by the katz.cd staff at the time as a place to offer support for their site. It is a warez forum and always will be. Also at this time it has a joint ownership, a dutch guy and some anonymous guy.

If you really want to take these sites down, I suggest you get in contact with BREIN or, in the case of the filehosts, a US equivalent.

If BREIN were to take down ECATEL, a “bulletproof” host, world spam would drop, half the warez websites in the world would die and everyone else would rush to remove their sites from the country (NL).

As for the filehosts, their mistake is that they advertise directly, personally, to the members of wjunction, a warez forum. In court, this would prove that they aim to host warez and know full well that they are. In which case, safe harbour provisions would no longer apply because they are asking pirates to store copyrighted data on their servers. This is similar to how hotfile’s lawsuit came about.

Someone will take these hosts down one day, it just takes effort and time. They are run by kids, they would never stand a chance in court, so as soon as they get a lawsuit on their hands, they’re done for.