This screenshot pretty much sums up every freeloader thief pirate on the internet

Yes, what do you mean by this phrase “make your own”?  Do you actually expect a worthless parasite to create something?  It is soooo much easier to just take the hard work of others for your own personal gain.  Prototypical cashwhore pirate.  Contribute nothing, take everything.

11 thoughts on “This screenshot pretty much sums up every freeloader thief pirate on the internet”

  1. I completely agree with your above post but in general your site is such a fail. Do you have anything better to do than hide in the shadows of WJunction?? Do you not have bigger fish to fry. KTHXBAI xD

  2. Well Sammy isn’t that wrong it would get a lot of hits if he makes his own vids because it will be original and google will advertise it more than the movie Avatar 🙂

    People love Amateur Porn.

  3. DonI:
    Of course Sammy isn’t wrong…that’s precisely the reason I posted it. Where everyone besides you sees the humor is in the OP’s lack of understanding of creating your own content. My posting of this screenshot was to underscore how incapable some people are of considering the notion of creating their own products instead of monetizing other people’s hard work without their consent.

    Fuck it. If you have to explain the joke, it just isn’t as funny.

  4. Deviance:
    I work for a living. If you think I sit around on Wjunction all day you are mistaken. If you read a previous post of mine, TakedownPiracy scans WJ for instances of pirates advertising their pirate sites. Thus in the course of doing my job and what I said I would be doing, I occasionally come across posts like the screenshot above.

    1. hey nate,

      quit being a bitch. give it up, come work for us- you will make 20-30 times more stealing shit from all these dumb fucks that think DVD is the way to go or give up your content to 1000 online stores that pay you 75 bucks a month for 3000 dvds. hehe all your shit is not fucked 4 life.

      really come on take this shit and come work for us– respond here and i will send you a back door email to our program to join the WINNERs in this new way to do biz. you make it and i rake it!!!

      sue who?? get who?? john doe’s?? HOW BOUT FUCK YOU! new pirate slogan

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