You won’t believe the email a pirate sent me today.

Nate, What’s wrong with you?
Why are you so aggressive ?
Who gave you the job? Not your client, It us, Nate.What will you be without us?

This is a guy who owns a piracy site whom was giving me the runaround on removing content I had reported to him, which forced me to escalate the matter to his hosting provider.

Do you see the incredible irony here?  Here we have a guy who operates a piracy site, a site that totally subsists off of using the content created by others, and he’s telling me that somehow I should be grateful to him for creating my job?  This is irony on the ‘head-exploding’ level.  Apparently this guy thinks that before he came along, I was just shambling through the streets with no job and now that he’s figured out how to steal from others, I should thank him for giving me something to do.

Try that the next time you get arrested.  “Well yeah officer I know I murdered her but if it weren’t for murderers and rapists, where would you be?  Unemployed…so how about a thank you?”

No dude, you didn’t give me this job.  You don’t get a cookie for being a lowlife thief.  You aren’t a job creator, you are a parasite that only exists because my clients would rather remove content than to take you to court.

Apparently the concept of Irony is not one that pirates are familiar with.

2 thoughts on “You won’t believe the email a pirate sent me today.”

  1. lol this gave me a great laugh. What bothers me about the posts i am seeing though is you keep calling these type of cretins ‘pirates’. For the most part these ones are not the pirates at all, they are just kids in their mommys basement,using the work of the real scene release groups,leeching it with scripts and using said script to reupload it to these hosts which pay them, which,as i seen in another of your posts, is against the unwritten rules of the ‘warez’ scene. I know this from being a former REAL pirate, i have since grown up and moved on to legal ventures now. But looking at sites like WJ,and all teh children there that call what they are doing WORK (just saying that makes me chuckle). Good work on taking these nu-skiddies out of the scene all together, there are far to many of them now,in my opinion (not that i support piracy in any way).

    Good work,and wish the best to you in your ventures

  2. lol you are epic you know,
    u won’t change anything,
    you can kill one site, 10 others will pop up,
    u better give up and go get some real job.
    It’s wasting of time
    Sharing is Caring ,

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