Update on Filesonic and Wupload being so similar

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the similarities between Filesonic and Wupload:


Turns out, according to what I’ve been told…the “front man” for Wupload is the cousin of the guy running Filesonic.  How convenient?

Recently Filesonic announced that they were partnering with Vobile to do digital fingerprinting to ID copyrighted material being distributed on their network.  Now unless I’m missing something, this will not be possible with password encrypted rar/zip files and I don’t see how they would do it with even unpassworded  (?) rar/zip files since they would have to combine all the files themselves.

So this seems on the surface to be pretty meaningless.  The only thing Filesonic could do would be to restrict all rar/zip files, which would pretty much ensure that the copyright infringing uploaders that Filesonic’s business is based upon would flee to another service.

If only the people behind Filesonic had another cyberlocker service that they could put all their efforts into….hmmmmm….maybe they should call their “cousin”.  :O)

3 thoughts on “Update on Filesonic and Wupload being so similar”

  1. so you guys dont know?

    the way it all started:

    first was the tube that the original guy was stealing content and uploading to his own site. then he realized that this brought him tons of traffic, so he diversified and started to sell traffic from all the free stolen content. once he started to get threats and take down notices he moved near china- he is not in china but close.
    He partnered with few other guys and set up filesonic style sites. They ran this on their own internally uploading files for sharing and making money from it, they had to use DVD as the file source since its anonumous and for other sites web only content they used stolen credit cards they go from some of their smaller sites or filesonic. The tubes are for selling traffic and only that, now they have nice cashflow from filesonic and tubes- so they decided to try to set up their own content machine BRAZZERS. They realized that even with selling all this traffic and filesonics they could not keep at the levels they are without continuation of the sharing of files and fresh content on tubes. Brazzers did not do what they expected, so now they outsource their theft. since credit card fraud is highest in russia they used this to their advantage and fed cards to their new webmasters to continue to keep their #1 status. If the content stops flowing they lose their positions. They figure that since uSA has a policy to refund the money on theft of CC their would not be so much investigations. Setting up brazzers network. they now send all the traffic to it and collect credit card numbers (usually they fuck the guys that sign up a trial and cancel fast and reverse the unauthorized rebill)- using proxies to hide their identities. now the idea is to make other studios think that its russians hacking their sites and stealing content so they release on sites like eroticland.biz and http://www.girlscanner.com/evilangel/ other sites like it so the initial distribution is Russian site and not usa site. If you notice this site is not even on the map, has no traffic at all and has all latest stuff released, its there to fool you. notice you can only download from their own update points (filesonics). You release a update and we take it from you and upload on their system and we share in the revenues. Its more profitable to just steal new updates and upload to the system, and thanks to their tools for SEO they update names are #1 before the content owners do their SEO. 4 of the 5 major filesharing sites belong to 1 person!!! I make 3500-6000 euro per month!! Why am I writing this?? Because even you know all this- there is nothing you can do!! You get my account deleted I already have 10 more set up on the sites. Sue who?? Get who?? John Doe’s LOL

    Its way to big for you to understand, making money from your content is never going to go away. Its now easier than ever to work with filesonic sites and they pay well. I have a day time job and spend 4-5 hours at night making 10 times more! So keep dreaming your really messing with an 800lb Gorilla! Money from traffic from SEO stolen content and keyword ranking by selling traffic back to your own site LOL. Then making money from premium users on filesonic sites. Then tube sites sending traffic back to brazzers and selling content to your site thru its channels LOL.

  2. the fact that filesonic gives no information how to set up digital fingerprinting shows it’s just an excuse to look good. Same as the claim they terminate repeat infringers. They don’t.

  3. Filesonic and Wupload take forever to delete requested files. I have contacted Filesonic twice to get a Takedown Access Account that they say they offer on their website but had no luck getting any response from them…. Do you know of anyone who got such account?

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