Wupload & Filesonic – Same company or just copycats?

When you send DMCA notices to file storage sites Filesonic and Wupload you get an eerily similar response both in time and look:

We have deleted the files you requested,

Wupload Abuse team

We have deleted the files you requested,

Filesonic Abuse team

These notices usually come in around the same times as well. Wupload is a rather new player on the cyberlocker scene, while Filesonic, which used to be SharingMatrix, is the preferred host for criminal commerical copyright infringers but Wupload has made a huge push recently.

So are they one and the same, or is Wupload just copying Filesonic’s look and feel? Hmmmmmmmm 😉

3 thoughts on “Wupload & Filesonic – Same company or just copycats?”

  1. I think they are the same, I just had the exact same files deleted from both of them. They didn’t delete all the same type of files. The files are mangas by the way. I have them on Filesonic, Wupload, DepositFiles, and Fileserve. DF and FServe still have the files intact while Filesonic and Wupload deleted the same files, but not the others. Not even the ones with the same Artist Names, which makes me think it wasn’t a DMCA Notice.

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