What happens after you use our Report Piracy feature

Takedown Piracy has a feature located at http://takedownpiracy.com/tips which gives anyone in the world the platform to report piracy and copyright infringement.  But you may be wondering what happens once you’ve reported something.  Well, here’s your answer:

1.  If the content you are reporting is owned by a copyright holder that uses Takedown Piracy, we immediately begin the process to have the offending content removed.  First we verify the content is indeed owned by our client, and that it is indeed being used without the permission of our client.  Next, we’ll prepare a takedown notice and send it to the appropriate parties so that they can remove the content.  In most cases it takes 24-72 hours from the time you report something to us to the time it’s removed.  We also respond to your report and include our client in our communications, so that our client can contact you directly should they choose to.  We have had instances where reporters have been rewarded by our clients.  This is not mandatory and your results may vary of course depending on the client.

2.  If the content you are reporting is owned by a company that is NOT using the Takedown Piracy program, we will do our best to make contact with the company (or their designated copyright agent) to inform them of the infringements.  At that point it is up to that copyright owner to choose to utilize our service, or to ignore the copyright infringement.  We can not send takedown notices for those copyright owners that have not authorized us to do so.  It is our belief that many copyright owners don’t know how to start tackling piracy and/or believe that they can not afford a service to help them with this task.  By you reporting to us, it gives us a chance to open up a dialogue with copyright owners that we may not currently be in negotiations with.  We can then inform them of their anti-piracy options and get the ball rolling with them.

We also encourage you to use the Twitter button on the Report Piracy page so you can help us spread the word about this feature.  You can feel free to @mention the copyright holder/performer in your Twitter post as well.  Our goal is to create an army of reporters and continue to turn the tide of rampant copyright infringement.  We need your help to do this!

We hope this answers your questions regarding our Report Piracy feature.  If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to use our contact form to get in touch with us.

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