Takedown Piracy adds copyright infringers from Twitter, Wjunction

Takedown Piracy has always been one of the most aggressive anti-piracy companies when it comes to commercial copyright infringers using Twitter to advertise their illicit and illegal websites. To this end, Takedown Piracy has had 100s and 100s of user accounts suspended and removed from Twitter due to repeat infringements. While our initial focus was to takedown the Twitter accounts of the larger piracy sites (if those sites used Twitter to advertise specific uploads of our clients’ copyrighted materials), we have a few announcements to make:
1. Effective immediately regardless of a site’s Alexa rank/traffic, if you use Twitter to advertise your for-profit piracy site, you will be added to our network of monitored sites. For many upstart content thieves, this will mean that you will have a hard time getting your site off the ground. Too bad. It used to be against the rules of the filesharing scene to monetize copyright infringement, and you not only are breaking the unwritten rules of the scene, but you are breaking the law. If this means you won’t make any money this month from Filesharing, I suggest you look into getting a real job. Here’s a start – http://www.beautyschoolsdirectory.com/barberingschoolsindex.php

2.  If you use the website wjunction.com to advertise your piracy site, we will add you to our network.  While there are many informative and educationally valuable things to learn from wjunction, it has come to our attention that an alarming number of commercial copyright infringers have decided to congregate there in an effort to establish deals with other thieves, find third world slave labor to do the uploading for them, and to plead for compliments about a template that they didn’t design and are most likely using without permission.  It is our stance that these repetitious clone sites contribute nothing to society in any way and effective immediately, sites that we identify as meeting these guidelines will be added to our network of monitored sites.

5 thoughts on “Takedown Piracy adds copyright infringers from Twitter, Wjunction”

  1. In my view the example site above is not a piracy. It is an information site. For us this is not the very concept of piracy. I really think is very important to the care of copyright, however you need to see if it is the intention of piracy. Thank you.

  2. I think Wjunction is promoting warez and pirated sites. People started earning by running a pirated warez sites and wjunction is helping them to spread their sites. They promote illegal sites there.

  3. Hello Readers,
    I am a MOD in WJunction. But I personally believes that, WJunction is a place where illegal warez is promoted heavily. It influences people to launch warez blogs/ forums and spread illegal software and porn just for few cents. To build a legit and genuine software environment, one should take down the sites like WJunction. Hope another WJunction staff not visiting this site, else it will create problem for my repo.


  4. Lmao . hire third world people to upload for them . You cant be serious . I suppose they do child porn too EY ?
    Tell me this where you bullied in school and now you;re little power trip is to chase down internet pirates from behind your screen . Piracy is not fucking stealing . Stealing is the artists/advertisers that brainwash kids into thinking buying there albums/merchandise every 6 months is the cool thing to do and if they dont there not normal and or popular .
    And anyway you are referring to american laws . so basically FUCK YOU

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