TakedownPiracy founder profiled on PVVOnline

Recently, Takedown Piracy founder Nate Glass sat down with Dr. Chauntelle of PVVOnline.com for a brief (just kidding) interview that details how Glass got started with  the adult industry, how that got him into anti-piracy and how piracy is affecting the industry.  To read Glass’ story and listen to the interview…mosey on over to Dr. Chauntelle’s website:


The site is really unique in that it features the stories of not only performers in adult, but also those people who work behind the scenes of an industry that’s often misunderstood and misrepresented by the mainstream media.

The interview runs just over 70 minutes and is really good, though we may be a little biased since it’s about us and Dr. Chauntelle is a graduate of UT in Austin, TX.  Hook ’em horns!

Takedown Piracy Retained by Pro Wrestler Colt Cabana

Cabana’s Documentary “Wrestling Road Diaries” Is Protected Thanks to TDP’s Affordable & Effective Practices!

May 17, 2011 — MARINA DEL REY, Calif. — Takedown Piracy is retained by pro wrestler Colt Cabana to protect his documentary, “Wrestling Road Diaries”.  A diverse range of clients, including those in the music, film, adult and publishing industries, utilize the trusted anti-piracy service to remove copyright infringements.  Takedown Piracy’s affordable and highly effective services allow anyone to utilize it against torrent, tube and cyberlocker sites publishing stolen content.  Colt Cabana is on the road year-round wrestling, as well as hosting a top-rated wrestling podcast and a comedy show.  He has no time to comb through torrent sites to catch illegal infringements of the movie he worked hard to make.  Takedown Piracy does it for him.  Cabana says, “I was afraid I would spend all this time making ‘Wrestling Road Diaries’ and then fail to see any return, as people watch it for free online.  Takedown Piracy is my personal army, completely shutting down all attempts to pirate the movie.  It is the most worthwhile investment an artist in the technical age can make.”

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