Update from the TakedownPiracy fan club members

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again.  If you are an anti-piracy company and you don’t have haters then you aren’t doing your job.  That being said…I have haters.

But like Dave Chappelle says…Haters wanna hate…lovers wanna love…I don’t even want…none of the above I wanna piss on you…..

And with that, I give you some screenshots of what pirates think about TakedownPiracy, along with my comments added to the screenshots.  Enjoy:

2 thoughts on “Update from the TakedownPiracy fan club members”

  1. Wow, quoting my work to add ‘fresh content’ for your site, Nate-ster. Re-purposing others’ content again, eh buddy? Don’t I feel all special. 😉 Admit it – you love the attention!

    Hey, why don’t you write instead about Russian-Mafia-Owned, Netherlands-hosted Oron.com and the Child Porn Empire content they’re helping to re-distribute for additional $$$, as well as their notoriously slow-to-comply-with DMCA policy ‘procedures’. Haven’t had much luck with them, have you? Just be careful what you say, so they don’t come after you to break your legs – or WORSE. Their US-based compatriots in places like Miami and New York aren’t that far from where you are, you know. On the internet, *no one’s* really anonymous. You should know.

    P.S. I fully expect you to approve this comment (along with more of your snide comments) and get even more link juice from Google. Just what the doctor ordered! (Yes, you’re not the only one that markets products and services over the internet out there. Except *my* stuff is something you can actually hold in your hand, in exchange for legal tender. It’s called ‘physical products’ – look into them.)

    P.P.S. My, but isn’t this witty repartee and back-and-forth banter thing *fun*?

  2. Hey Chumley!
    Yes, I do love the attention, especially when it’s by special people like you!

    I have to admit that I found your comments about me to be so absolutely hilarious that I’m really excited to get to know you. You displayed such a skill for the art of what I like to call “just making shit up” that you really should be commended for your robust imagination. Like I said…never let the facts get in the way of your storytelling man!

    What’s funny about your little retort here is that you say “why don’t you write about Oron?” in a post where you were initially calling me out for writing a post about PornBB being sold to Oron.

    I’m sure Oron is involved in all sorts of things but it would appear that you are far more informed on them than I am. If they are guilty (and you have proof) of the things you say they are, then why don’t you get the word to the proper authorities about them? Furthermore, since you don’t know what I am doing behind the scenes, you might want to slow down from jumping to conclusions. I honestly think you’d appreciate some of the things I am doing, though you’d never admit it publicly of course, I wouldn’t expect that, but if you knew what I know, you might not dislike me quite so much.

    That being said…once you figure out a process for jumping through the multiple obstacles of Oron’s DMCA policy (or lack thereof), it’s actually quite easy to get Oron to remove infringing material. It’s clear they want to make it as difficult as possible for people like me, but at the end of the day they know they still need to comply.

    And yes, of course I was going to approve your comment. You want to criticize me for approving it, knowing full well you’d do the same thing if I didn’t approve it, so you can drop the whole ‘gotcha’ thing. I’ve approved comments from you, Frosty, hell anyone that wants to publicly communicate with me on issues, I don’t think I’m very difficult to communicate with.

    I sense a lot of hostility from you towards me, and I’m not exactly sure why that is. You wanted to make up complete lies about me in order to feel like you ‘exposed’ me, even though practically nothing you said about me had an ounce of truth in it. You know full well how to contact me, yet instead of doing that, you wanted to make up complete lies. Lies that I’m sure amused your buddies on BF but lies nonetheless. And then when I retort your lies with the truth and show you to be the one who needs exposing, you accuse me of “re-purposing your content”. In your little post you said things like “nice work if you can get it, isn’t that right pal?” Well that would appear to me like you’re talking to me. You’re asking me a question. But I don’t think you expected to get an answer did you? You wanted to be cool on your little forum and talk smack in your echo chamber of piracy but it would appear the response you got from me might have just irked you since it completely eviscerated your attack.

    But to answer your last question, yes, I do enjoy the back-and-forth with people who disagree with my opinions. That’s why I have a pretty open dialogue with torrent site admins, blogs, forum owners, tube owners, you name it. I’m not hard to get in touch with, and I’m not one to shy away from a debate. And I’m also not one to dismiss valid points from the pro-filesharing crowd. If you want the substance of our talks to be of something more important, than we can by all means have that. However, if you’re going to levy complete lies and accusations against me, then expect me to retort by showing the idiocy of those statements.

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