Takedown Piracy kills numerous copyright infringing Twitter profiles

Just in the last week or so Takedown Piracy killed about 2 dozen Twitter accounts of commercial copyright infringers.  These thieves acting like annoying spammers are trying to use Twitter as a way to advertise their for-profit copyright infringements.

Luckily for copyright holders, Twitter has a very effective repeat offender policy and does not tolerate spam nor copyright infringement.  The number of “Tweets” the profiles had posted easily numbered in the 100s of 1000s.  Those are now removed from Twitter, opening up the possibility for legitimate uses of Twitter.

Takedown Piracy isn’t done with copyright infringers on Twitter as we have targeted another 3o or so profiles that will be removed in the next week or so.

Follow @takedownpiracy on Twitter and use the #takedownpiracy hashtag.

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