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The huge porn piracy site appears to have been sold allegedly to a group affiliated, or possibly even the owners of,  This happened before when an Oron affiliated ownership took over forumophilia and turned it into an Oron haven.  Now the same looks to be happening on Pornbb:

Pornbb has sent out word that as of March 1st, only 5 cyberlockers will be allowed, one of which was, a service that no one seems to enjoy except for the owners of the site.  Looks like these freeloaders are getting a lesson in capitalism.  For the longest time they’ve believed that the owners providing these sites were some sort of pseudo Socialist, everything-should-be-free idealistic true believers.  What they’re coming to find out is that they’ve been duped by pure capitalists who exploit their self-entitlement fueled delusions of a Utopia where they get everything for free.

Combined with the purge and fileserve and filesonic getting kicked to the curb at PornBB there’s a lot of uploaders who will be missing out on some cash payouts.  My advice…listen to Dalton:  “There’s always barber college.”

I'll rip your throat out too

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      1. My point is you seem to forget that when it’s you that’s doing it.
        Nate, I’m just teasing you and I could care less.
        My thoughts on these people who use cash based hosts have been well documented,
        and the fact that you earn a living by reporting links
        makes me think that all you are doing is fanning the flames to make a buck.
        The only pure capitalist is this discussion is you.

        But that being said, I still think you are a tool.

  1. Question is do you know what it means..?
    Seems when you are doing it that’s entirely different.

    I pretty much agree with you on the cash host issue
    Some of us originally shared just to share. (I’m waiting for a insult on this one. 😉 )
    Once the hosts with cash paid out got involved, it has spiraled into a sh*tstorm.
    It went from a small group of uploaders trading stuff out on some forums
    to a multi-million dollar business mostly perpetuated by overseas posters.

    Seems to me that if you guys put as much attention to companies like
    Filesonic, Fileserve, Oron and the million other cash hosts that pays,
    you’d get a lot more accomplished.

    Nate, surely you realize that from the beginning,
    people have been stealing stuff from each other and will continue to.
    It’s just become worse once money for uploaders has become involved.

    1. You equated cashwhore thieves with my linking to a post you made on a public forum discussing the sale of PornBB. That’s just about as good an example of false equivalency as I think our little conversation could ever hope to produce.

      I’m well aware of how the piracy trade was started, since I was a part of it as far back as 1997-1998. I distinctly remember that the concept of profiting from piracy was one that would deem you to be a pariah. However, these days, those that identify with the old way of thinking are few and far between.

      As far as what we are putting our efforts into, well I think “our” record speaks for itself. In just the last few months we’ve seen the death of PureTNA and Empornium (if you think the ‘hackers’ story was the reason they folded you are naive), most of the big adult tube sites have been successfully sued and ‘convinced’ to join our digital fingerprinting program, and we’ve seen the all but death of Hotfile, the #1 cash whore cyberlocker. What makes you think things aren’t already in the works regarding FS, FSV and Oron? Just because you haven’t heard about it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. We aren’t obligated to let Frosty know what’s going down.

      At the end of the day here, I don’t even know what we’re debating.

  2. nate..or whoever runs this site…how can i help out

    i would love to show how paypal is financing the entire pirate industry by providing them a means to accept money for their piracy

    it would be nice to put together a package and deliver it to those who would have an interest and financial means to carry out a major lawsuit

  3. It is very hard to censor the internet, since it is a very large network and trancends bounderies..anything you put on the net can be stolen. . . the chinese gov’t is doing this but, still people find a way around it.. . . if you don’t want your data or info stolen , don’t put it on line…do it the old fashion way . . . go back to the real world. put it in a fireproof safe in your house…

  4. censor the internet, since it is a very large network with people who do things like bad things to people that are goods. Theres no reason really for it to be so expansive, if ii can just take a different sort of take on this debate. If the technology never got to all these kids with their “computer”s then well obvviously they wouldnt be hacking away with the napster. So the chinese already said we can’t travel back in time, and who would bring a douche like said here owner. but my point is that if we can concentrate technological knowledge in the hands of the better the more moral at least people who hav e a litle decency in them ot leave the candystore and not have bought or stoled anything at all but they might have listen to the candy on the radio. but cassette tapes are a mutherfawk the transfer from one person to the next diane did it anillhy. but it’s still privracy aither way. ok gorge you were great last nirte and spaghetti will soon be here. love, mhannama

  5. it would be nice if we were all rich. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It will be an ongoing issue. I think what we need is open source porn. That would be cool.

  6. What with all the hype surrounding the “megaupload” takedown, it makes me wonder

    If i take payment from (1), for drugs, and then tell (1) where to get drugs and (1) buys drugs from (2) and i give money to (2) for (1)s drugs- i am breaking the law.

    If i pay paypal for my subscription to “any illegally hosted material filesharing provider” why is paypal doing no wrong..


  7. You self righteous spamming motherfuckering porn ripoff pirates are gonna get your asses ripped ifyou don’t fucking quit posting MY stuff you fucking lazy thieves, same goes for all your ass kissers that are sucking up to you here.

    Don’t fuckin mess with me NO more, cunts FAST DORIS and you KNOW who I am

    [email protected]

  8. I would much rather prefer, to live with pure Capitalists, then you narcissistic, Entitlement minded, Socialists, who think your entitled to other peoples money. These Pure Capitalists are just showing you that Socialism Sucks! Using your own principles. Hard work and accountability, is success.

  9. How the hell do I use Oron to d/l anything all it lets me do is try to upload what sites do I go to??? Be nice I know Im dumb to this just trying to get some damn porn thanks

  10. Is this website supposed to be satirical? “by pure capitalists who exploit their self-entitlement fueled delusions of a Utopia where they get everything for free.”

    Pirating has absolutely nothing to do with getting things for free. I don’t know what EVERY “pirate” is doing or what their decision process involves, but every person I know or have ever talked to in real life regarding piracy stands as proof that it has nothing to do with a group of delusional criminals who think they are entitled to own anything that happens to be put on a computer.

    And are you people fucking serious? Who the fuck are you, is every person supporting this “article” a paid RIAA/MPAA/government plant? Why are you arguing in title of giant corporations? You aren’t even arguing in favor of the “pornstars” and how it supposedly hurts them – you’re arguing against the concept and that’s absolutely moronic.

    As a previous poster said, profiting off of this used to make you a pariah, and still does to anyone with any integrity. Yes, pirates have integrity, so eat a dick. You lemmings sit here time and time again and swear up and down that piracy has a massive negative impact on the global economy, in every industry. Yet, not one time ever in the history of the anti-“piracy” argument has the anti side, or the pro side, managed to come up with irrefutable and reliable data to support their argument.

    So shut the fuck up. If you want to bitch about something, bitch about how our free speech is involved with this, how we have stupid pieces of trash like “H” demanding for internet censorship, and how our rights ceased to exist decades ago.

  11. LOL uses government’s outdated copyright laws to create a business and claims to know what capitalism remind me of that lawyer on John Stossel who uses the The Americans with Disabilities Act to extort businesses of money if they miss one if the mirror is 1 inch to high or the wrong shape door knob….lol lawyers are worse than any file-sharer could ever be.

  12. Hi Nate,
    Is this site dead? Last update in July and I don’t see comments there. Looks like that Robert King took over your campaign 🙂 As an old guy who stopped sharing porn years ago, I’ve been amused so much last few months reading what is happening with file-sharing, especially reading about the StopFileLockers campaign on GFY! What amused me the most is that all of your efforts to fight your battle legal way crashed when producers started with their “fuck the legal ways” campaign. And they accomplished in few months more than you achieved in years! Funny thing is that nobody except ManWin’s tube sites gained in all this mess. All the traffic after Mega, Oron and other’s crash went to tube sites aka ManWin. Well, at least you had the balls to say that they were connected with defunct FileSonic and that they are mega-store for piracy on their tube sites, and also you are the only guy who pointed his finger to biggest among them all – Rapidshare! But, you know, nobody cares anymore – file lockers are mostly dead, file sharing is almost dead also. Wish you all the luck chasing piracy on tubes!

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