Scoreboard update

It’s the end of month/start of month time, so around this time I update my totals on infringements removed.

I’m proud to say not only did we surpass the one million mark during the last month but we’re now at a grand total of over 1.2 million copyright infringements removed.

Pretty awesome to see that much stuff taken down.

I’m really proud that in the past few months more and more sites are either getting shut down or enacting filtering of my clients’ content.  I’ve also been hammering the tube sites hard the last month or so, targeting their prime uploaders and frustrating the hell out of them.

I’m always amazed at how many tube videos I’ve had removed. It’s gotta be approaching 10,000 tube vids at this point removed by yours truly.

I’m going to be issuing an end of year report breaking down the stats into different categories and everything.  And unlike some so-called anti-piracy outfits, I show my clients all the DMCAs I send on their behalf as well as maintain a report of all infringements removed.  That means I don’t just pull numbers out of my ass to justify an inflated rate.

So if you’re a copyright owner and you’re looking for an affordable means of fighting piracy, please hit me up.  Even if you don’t use me, there’s some really excellent options out there for copyright owners.  Of course I’d prefer you to contact me, but feel free to also contact these guys.  The important thing is that we all work together to solve the problem right?

Free Speech Coalition APAP


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