Connecting the dots – Brazzers and tube sites

Amongst the online community, there is a general belief that Brazzers either owns and/or operates several tube sites that feature mostly content from other studios being used without the studios permission to the benefit of Brazzers. However, there are still those, that seem to want to deny that Brazzers has anything to do with Tube Sites. So to clear up any doubt for those people…I’ll connect the dots for you:

Here is the WHOIS info for Brazzers’ webmaster affiliate program WHOIS is basically the ‘Ownership’ information for websites. You won’t be able to get this information from sites like anymore as Brazzers has decided to make that information hidden. Luckily for us, there are things like WHOIS cache on that shows you what a site’s WHOIS info was before it was hidden. Here’s Juggcash’s WHOIS:

Whois Info for JuggCash: 2006-01-14
Domain name:
Administrative Contact:
Mansef Productions Inc.
Mansef Productions ([email protected])
Fax: none
6020 Jean-Talon Est suite 325
Montreal, H1S3B1
Now here is the WHOIS for Again, this information is now unavailable since it has been made hidden, but thanks to WHOIS Cache on DomainTools we can get this info: – Whois Cache Date: 2007-03-02 (the day before the whois turned private)
Administrative Contact [583979]:
Matt Keez
[email protected]
6020 Jean Talon est suite 325
H1S 3B1
Phone: +1.5142582097

Notice that the address is the SAME. That’s a pretty direct connection right there. But also, remember that name KEEZ…it’s going to come up again.

Here’s another tube site : Name sound familiar?

Scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on “Advertise”. It reads:

“If you would like to book a spot on Pornhub, please visit

So if you click on Advertise on you are asked that if you want to advertise on PORNHUB to contact a company named traffic junky.

Coincidence or not…one of the few comments from a user named “Brazzer” on GFY says of tube sites:

“Its just a traffic junky game right now that those people are playing”

Oh and Traffic Junky’s phone number is: 514-382-8966…guess where area code 514 is….Montreal. What a coincidence.

So a guy with an email address from is the admin contact for Pornhub, and that same guy seems to have a tube site with his name that is selling advertising for Pornhub and is also listed as being part of the Brazzers Network on many of their sites like That draws a pretty big connection between PornHub, Keezmovies, Brazzers, and this Matt Keez guy, operating out the same exact address and being the contact for each others websites.

Now here’s another WHOIS, this time for – Whois Cache Date: 2008-06-04 (the day before the whois turned private)
Administrative Contact:
Matt Keez
Matt Keez ([email protected])
Fax: –
9001 Lacadie Blvd
Suite 701
Montreal, QUEBEC H4N 3H5

There’s our buddy Matt Keez again. And when you go to you are automatically redirected to, not surprisingly, But the important thing to notice here is that we have a new email address to track Mr. Keez down by “[email protected]

A Google search for that email address yielded this gem:

It’s a bit torrent search site, AKA the kind of place that people looking to find pirated content go. Now scroll down and read the comments, there’s one from someone named “Bosco_Bosco” asking:

“hey aXXo…….can u contact me Via my email or ICQ [email protected] have something to offer you …you will want to involves Making some moneyLater.waiting for you email.”

aXXo is one of the most prolific rippers/uploaders of Hollywood movies for torrent sites. Why would Keez/Bosco and/or Brazzers want to have anything to do with him?

After not getting a response “Bosco” tells aXXo that he can also contact him at [email protected] Doing a WHOIS on yields:

Domain name:
Administrative Contact:
Manster Med
Steph M ([email protected])
7480 Ridgefield Lane
Lake Worth, 33467

Notice the “Manster Med”…sounds a lot like “Mansef Productions” which is the administrative contact for Brazzers’ websites.

Now take a look at the address used in the WHOIS for

7480 Ridgefield Lane
Lake Worth

Do a google search for “7480 Ridgefield Lane Lake Worth” or just click here. Here’s some interesting results:

Domain name:
Administrative Contact:
Manster Med
Steph M ()
7480 Ridgefield Lane
Lake Worth, FLORIDA 33467


Domain name:
Administrative Contact:
Manster Media
NA NA ()
7480 Ridgefield Lane
Lake Worth, FL 33467

By the way, has ads ALL OVER various piracy sites.

Also, remember that other tube site At the bottom of that page there are a few hardlinks (links with no affiliate codes) to various adult sites…one of which is Doing a WHOIS on gives you this info:

Administrative Contact:

Danny G ()
Fax: –
123 Whatever
Beverly Hills, 90210

Email address look familiar? It should. It’s the same one as the one on and [email protected] Stephane…as in Stephane Manos…the #2 man in the Brazzers food chain and the “MAN” in Mansef.

(According to Mansef’s own website the CEO is Ouissam Youseff and the sales director is Stephane Manos. I’m making an educated guess that they named the company Mansef using a combination of both of their last names. – Note you’ll have to “View Source” on that page)

And Google searching for Ouissam Youssef and our buddy Keez yields a whole buncha Foosball matches, alongside their sometimes foosball partner…Stephane Manos. So when the boys aren’t busy running tube sites and putting ads on piracy sites…they manage to work in some foosball into their free time.

Now let’s go waaaay back to that message from “bosco” on the torrent site. He gives an ICQ # to contact him (ICQ is like AOL Instant Messenger)…he says “contact me Via my email or ICQ 322145026”

Let’s Google Search that ICQ number shall we?

Here’s a hit from GFY where “Bosco” is searching for traffic trades for Brazzers sites and now also including the email address “[email protected]” and “[email protected]

Here’s a hit from showing “Bosco” is a webmaster located in Montreal. Same city that Juggcash and Pornhub’s WHOIS were listed as being from. He also uses the Yahoo nickname “Mustang_Danny_2_0″…and the technical contact on was named “Danny G”, might just be a coincidence…lot of people named Dan…so let’s look at some of Bosco’s comments on that forum:

well who ever would like to attend, now is the time to let me know Via email ” [email protected] ” so i can put them on the guest list.” Just another connection to the address and site.

bottom line….Go Leafs! …screw the habs and juggcash rules!” Another connection to Juggcash/Brazzers.

And quite possibly the statement that sums up everything Brazzers is all about:

In my opinion, i don’t care what site owners do.
As a webmaster still pushing galleries and sending traffic to site owners/programs , the only thing i care about is making money.
Wow…just wow.

From that same forum…here’s “cheeks” AKA Stephane Manos (the MAN in Mansef along with Ouissam Youseff who is the “SEF”) feeling out webmasters as to what lengths they’ll go to support a sponsor before dropping them:

When you guys notice that a sponsor is doing shit, do you stop promotiong him immediatly or do you do some changes

I guess he was trying to determine how much bullshit tactics Brazzers could do before affiliates may revolt.

Here’s another hit for Bosco’s ICQ #. This is an ad for a trade show taking place…where else…Montreal…and sponsored by…you guessed it Brazzers and Juggcash. Shocking coincidence.

Here’s another match. This time it’s a forum where “Bosco” is asking to be unbanned for some pop up ads on a sponsor site. Again confirms the connection between “Bosco” and Brazzers.

Now if you do a Google search for “Bosco” on the domain “”, you’ll find a profile for someone named “Bosco” who just happens to live in….wait for it…..Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This individual has even uploaded a few vids, the most of which are videos with affiliate codes from……wait for it……Brazzers.

Now I found it interesting when going through the comments on this user’s account that there was one asking “Did you go to the Pornhub party?” Hmmm, Pornhub has parties? They sure do, and they even have a profile for Pornhub Parties.

On the PornHub Parties profile there are several photo albums from previous parties. So far they’ve all taken place in one city….you guessed it…Montreal. Shocker.

I decided to go look at some of the oldest comments on this profile and there is one from a user named “Dice”. That caught my eye because in all the “Sponsored Videos from” clips on PornHub, the affilliate code includes the phrase “diceman”. According to Pornhub’s Alexa page, [email protected] is the contact email for the site.

Also the way their user profile system works is that as you sign up you are given a number in the order that you signed up. Dice is user #30, Pornhub Parties is 490,000 something. So just outta curiousity, I decided to see who was #1, #2, etc.

#1 is a user named “dwarakanath” So I decided to go look at some of the 1200+ videos that this guy has uploaded. I decided to check out his earliest uploads. All of them have affiliate code links on them…for….wait for it…..Brazzers. Even though the clips are not even Brazzers movies! Apparently dwarakanath helps run the site as well, as he left this comment on another profile:

The reason why we had to delete the account was due to copyright infringement. In that case, we have to take immediate action to remove the content that infringes the owner’s rights.

User #4 is someone named “trogdor” who just happens to be from the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada amazingly enough. He hasn’t uploaded as many videos, in fact he’s just uploaded the 1…and of course…it has a Brazzers affiliate code. Apparently trogdor helps run the site as comments left for him refer to him asking users how to make Pornhub better, etc. Oh and the first “Friend” added by Trogdor…”Dice”, figures. Oh and I found a comment from trogdor on another user’s account. Our good buddy “Bosco”…in fact…it’s the very first comment, what are the chances? trogdor also makes a comment about deleting videos if they have any doubt as to the age of the girls…but I thought that these sites claimed that they can’t monitor the all the “user uploaded” content?

User #7 has just uploaded one video, but oddly enough it is the exact same video as one of the videos uploaded by Bosco, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

So there you have it. I think there’s enough linkage to make even the most in-denial Brazzers apologists admit that Brazzers has a LOT to do with tube sites. We have Brazzers and Pornhub with the same exact address. We have a guy named Keez who clearly works for Brazzers who also has a tube site and on that tube site there’s an option to buy advertising on Pornhub. We’ve got the company selling Pornhub advertising, Brazzers, Pornhub, etc all based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. And we’ve even got some pretty questionable tactics where a Brazzers rep wanted to do business with the most prolific Hollywood movie pirate on the torrent scene. And you have a whole lot of Brazzers/Pornhub “coincidences” going on on

Now I can’t take credit for all this work, the guys at did a LOT of the research, especially the WHOIS stuff, and they should be thanked for taking the time to unravel the maze of companies and websites that Brazzers has used. The rest I was able to get by doing simple Google searches.

And keep in mind that this doesn’t even BEGIN to scratch the surface of how Brazzers has ads all over the tube sites, either for Brazzers or their dating site or their new porn sites

Based upon this body of evidence, what do you guys think? Does Brazzers have anything to do with tube sites?